Episode 8 – Cults

What’s the deal with cults?

I’ve always wondered that. What exactly drives someone to give up their identity to be assimilated into a new group? Loneliness? Fear? Boredom?

I don’t have the answers to those questions but my friend Adam and I sat down to talk about cults anyway. Adam brought up this topic when he found out about a strange Russian cult that worships (of all things) Gadget from the Rescue Rangers. Now, that sounds weird, and it is. Even so, a group of folks, albeit a small group, has banded together with a common cause that many others would find entirely strange, even a bit creepy.

Of course, there are far creepier cults out there. Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. Marshall Applewhite and Heaven’s Gate. Ol’ Chuck Manson and his kooky acid-munching murderous followers. I honestly don’t understand how those people could look at themselves objectively and not reach the conclusion that they were part of a mind-bending, reality-denying train that was speeding towards destruction. Then again, maybe they did and they just weren’t allowed to leave.

Whatever the case, cults are entirely fascinating. Here in Longview, there have been rumors and jokes since I was a kid about the Longview Baptist Temple, or LBT. (Affectionately mocked as “Lettuce-Bacon-Tomato”.) I heard stories about their bizarre behavior as a kid and a teenager. For example, I heard that they locked the doors to the sanctuary during services so that no one could leave, not even to go the bathroom. On the episode, Adam shares some truly creepy tales about the way that this so-called bus ministry tried to snag new recruits.

As we state on the podcast, we are in no way insinuating that Longview Baptist Temple is any type of cult. For all we know, they’re just a standard Baptist church with some weird practices. That’s not really the point, though. The point is the story. We always heard tales as kids that really creeped us out. And that’s what this podcast is all about. Weird, creepy local stories. Every town’s got ’em. And this is one from my town.

I hope you enjoy our discussion. Does your town have any local cults? You might be surprised, especially if you live in the middle of Nowhere.


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    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for listening to the podcast. I had never heard of the Church of Wells until you left your comment but I looked into them a bit and it’s definitely a fascinating situation. I will continue researching this group to learn more about them and to potentially feature a story about them on the podcast. Thanks again for your listenership and your comment.


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