Episode – The Kentucky Fried Chicken Murders

The 1980s were big and they were loud. Big, loud music and bigger, louder hair. When you think about this decade, you probably picture Poison music videos and d-bags in Armani suits snorting coke in the bathroom. I basically hate this whole decade, though I was born in it. (True, there were a few bright spots: Nirvana’s first album, the Pixies, Violent Femmes, the NES and a couple of great horror flicks.)

We might forget that small towns still existed in that weird and wild decade. They were just as small and insignificant as they are today, though perhaps the mustaches were a bit more heinous back then.

Okay, that’s enough joking. This is a serious episode.

You heard about Kilgore, Texas in Part 1 of Creepy Sh#t. Well, it was much the same in the ’80s as when I went to school there from 2005 to 2007. But one hot, ugly day, something happened in Kilgore that would send a shiver down the necks of local folks for the next two decades.

An empty restaurant, scattered trash, everything in disarray. That was the first discovery in a sickening chain of events that preceded the sight of a gruesome crime scene. It was and is the worst murder that town has ever seen.

Five lives, snuffed out in the dirt.

Few things are as terrifying as random, sudden violence. Listen in to learn about the mass murder that sent a small town reeling and set off a manhunt that didn’t conclude until just a few years ago.

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