Episode 1 – The Painting

Welcome to The Nowhere Dispatch. In this very first installment of Creepy Sh#t, I’ll tell you about one of the creepiest events in my life. This episode speaks to the spirit of the Creepy Sh#t series, or at least what I’m hoping to accomplish with these recordings. You see, this series isn’t about ghosts, goblins and all of the various things that go bump in the night.

Rather, it’s about the tickling feeling you feel on the back of your neck when you know that something is not where it should be. It’s about the frightening weight you feel in your guts when you see that what you thought was a shadow simply…isn’t one.

It’s about the close space between what’s real and what can’t possibly be happening. It’s about the inexplicable and the unknowable, the kinds of things that you forget about until, well, you remember and then you can’t shake the feeling that you just can’t possibly wrap your head around the event.

One day, in college, my friends and I took a trip into the woods. What we found there has stuck with me to this day and there are some questions that I don’t believe that I will ever shake about the painting.


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